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Littlehampton Museum Press Release

Date: 6th August 2003

Paintings by Jacqueline Mallinson (née Wearing)

Jacqueline Mallinson (née Wearing) is the latest talented local artist to have their work exhibited in the reception area of Littlehampton Museum.

Jacqueline has always painted and likes to experiment with different media, though oil painting is her favourite. Her approach to her work is one of an act of discovery rather than doing anything pre-planned. The work on display in this exhibition covers the period from the sixties onwards and indicates some of the diversity of her approach.

'I can't remember a time when I didn't have a paint brush in my hand' said Jacqueline. 'I was, as a child, often told not to make faces with vegetables on my dinner plate. We painted with poster paint at school and the first set of oil paints I managed to get I bought in a shop in Beach Road, many years ago. It is the sheer enjoyment of painting, the ability to be away from the current world, creating pictures for myself that inspires me to work. It does not necessarily lead to success, at least in a commercial sense. It is, however, great fun.'

'We are delighted to be hosting this exhibition of Jacqueline's work,' said Cllr John Singleton, Chair of Littlehampton Town Council's Community Resources Committee. 'The Museum is about local people and for local people so it is absolutely appropriate that we should be showcasing a talented Littlehampton woman in this way. I do hope that many people will be able to come and enjoy Jacqueline's paintings.'