Awake To An English Morning

This ordinary, dull, bright morning
Soothes down the agile consummated drift of sleep
Where, knowledge, borne upon a wing of air
Gives light-touch comprehension of an instant or a mile of life.
In night, dark felt psyche understanding is let
Loose to bound the locks and coils and run the
Gauntlet of a million shadows and divides.

Exhaustion of the spirit wakens to careless, untidy
Natural nature, with weeds and seeds – things overgrown.
In distance, diffuse, speaking of indifference,
Faint traffic sounds, small, light aeroplane.
And somewhere someone, some removed, barracks at the road
Tattering for laying pipes and services. Noises drop faint
Echoes among birdsong, like distant trains mumbled to a blur.
It is so ordinary – so every day.

The wind strikes now and then its gusts. Dances a retreat
With grace and tact. Blushing, bowing at its own exuberance.
I would cast adrift my boat on such a morning, lift my sails, and
Contentedly slip on to pose a question in some other place.

Published on Openwriting.com under the name Jackie Mallinson